Our Story

Our Story

It all started with dental health

Earthly was started by a small team of long-time friends and veteran pet food entrepreneurs when they made 3 shocking discoveries:

  1. 80% of adult dogs suffer from some form of dental disease which is largely preventable with proper care;
  2. Dental chews are a clinically proven way to significantly reduce the risk of dental disease;
  3. The dental chews pet parents have to choose from are effectively junk food and are loaded with artificial ingredients, fillers and additives!

"My vet recommended I start using dental chews for my dogs, but when I looked at the ingredients I couldn't believe it. I knew right then we had to make something better for pet parents battling dental disease like I was."
- Spyq Sklar, earthly co-founder.

After almost a year of testing, the Earthly team launched Earthbones in the spring of 2020 and it proved extremely popular with pet parents who loved the idea of dental chews, but didn't want to sacrifice on ingredients. After just 1 year, earthbones had help clean over 1 million teeth! 

What else can a dog treat do?

Earthbones taught us how incredibly powerful the humble dog treat could be. Made with the right intentions, a dog treat could help prevent the single most common disease in dogs. So we asked ourselves: "What else could a dog treat do?"

That's when we started really thinking bigger about how treats could be an amazing tool for pet parents to make real differences in their lives of their dogs. We renamed our company from Earthbones to Earthly to capture our new vision and started working day and night on new recipes and ideas.

Today, earthly's mission is simple:

We help dog moms and dads to be the best pet parents they can be through the power of functional dog treats.

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