Why Dental Bones?

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Dental disease is the single most common disease found in dogs over the age of 3. In fact, studies show that more than 80% of dogs have some form of dental diseaseand about 66% have progressed to periodontal disease¹.

Pet parents have many options in how to provide preventative dental care for their dogs. However, no matter the technique, one factor remains absolutely critical: consistency

No preventative can be effective without consistency. While manual tooth brushing is the most effective dental care method when practiced daily, it is ineffective if not done regularly. That's why the most important step in choosing a dental care routine for your dog is being honest with yourself about your ability to maintain consistency.  

For most pet parents, dental bones are their best choice in dental care routine because of the combination of ease of use and efficacy. Studies show that one dental bone fed each day is effective at substantially reducing plaque and tartar buildup², which are the root causes of periodontal disease. An added bonus: most dogs love chewing dental bones, which transforms dental care from a chore to a reward.

Our mission for Earthbones is to provide pet parents with a tool for helping to prevent dental disease that they'll not only use, but love. It's made with high quality ingredients that you can feel good about, is lab tested and most importantly, loved by dogs. Click here to give earthbones a try!

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