Our New Name: Earthly Pet

We're excited for our new home at and we wanted you to know that’s where we moved earthbones. Even more exciting, we're making room for some new treats we’ve been working on!

We started earthbones a little more than a year ago with the mission of making an effective dental chew from a small number of natural and healthy ingredients. Since then, we've been overjoyed to have been able to help tens of thousands of pet parents improve the health and wellbeing of their dogs.

Still, one question kept nagging at us. Why stop at dental chews? There are so many other treats that could be and should be better! Why not continue to find new ways to improve the lives of dogs through the power of dog treats? Why not continue to create radically healthier alternatives to mass brand treats?

Once the idea was in our heads, we knew we had to run with it. Today we're excited to announce a new name that better reflects our bigger mission, as well as our first new product launch!

Introducing Earthly

To make room for some future treats we've been working on, we thought it was time to give our little company a bigger name - that’s where Earthly comes in. You can find our new website at This is a name change only, and if you are an earthbones subscriber no action is required. Our same great earthbones will continue to ship straight to your door. Our dental chews will continue to be called earthbones, but will be sold by Earthly on our new website.

New Product Launch: Bullys!

Bullys are the bully stick we always wanted for our own dogs. We've sourced and prepared them in a truly special way that makes them simply the world's best bully stick. There is nothing quite like them! Supplies are very limited while we ramp up production, so we're offering the first batch only to our loyal customers! You can learn all about them here. 

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