Ulta-premium bully sticks, maplewood smoked to perfection.


Why dogs (and their parents) love this bully stick.

Better Than Odor Free

Odor-free bully sticks are sanitized with caustic acids. That's not the earthly way. Slow-smoked with real maplewood is :)

Antibiotic-free Cattle

Our bullies are made from grass-fed beef raised without antibiotics or hormones in North America and Europe.

Just 1 Ingredient

Tasty, long-lasting and healthy. Not bad for a chew made from just 1 all natural ingredient.

Say no to odor-free

Your dog doesn't want their bully stick sanitized with caustic acid.

We think bully sticks were meant to be natural, not sanitized. And we're pretty confident your dog agrees.

If you're worried about the smell of natural bully sticks, you're going to love earthly bullys! We've slow-smoked them with real maplewood, leaving them with an aroma you'll like as much as your pup.

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Happy Cattle. Happy Dog.

Grass-fed beef, raised on family farms and without antibiotics or hormones.

We're careful about how we source each of our ingredients, but especially cattle.

These bully sticks are truly a healthy delight. Just 1 ingredient of the highest quality and slow-smoked to perfection.

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1 Ingredient. Lots of Happiness.

Get the bully stick sourced exclusively from family farms in the North America and Europe.

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Our Customers Say It Best

Sarah and her Terrier

"I usually can't stand the smell of bully sticks, but these smell amazing"

Andrew and his Doodle

"Heidi goes crazy for these things and they don't seem to bother her stomach at all."

John and his Lab

"Coco loves all bully sticks, but something about these is different. She never seems to get tired of chewing them!"

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Nervous your dog won't like them?

We'll refund your purchase if your dog doesn't like them. Simple as that.

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