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Earthly and ASU Collaborate To Protect Sharks And Our Oceans.

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About the project

Earthly and OSU are partnering to raise funds for future expeditions through donations and the creation of dog treats that support ocean conservation. By developing treats made from invasive, and over-abundant species we can deliver nutritious and tasty foods to our pets while also supporting a healthy ocean ecosystem!

You can support the ocean project today by donating to the Sulikowski Lab and joining our newsletter for updates on the project. 100% of all funds donated go directly to Dr. James Sulikowski’s lab and their research. Dr. James and his team are dedicated to conducting critical work on sharks, skates, rays and other vulnerable ocean species.

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Meet the Sulikowski Lab

Based out of Oregon State University, our research focuses on the sustainability and conservation of sharks and their relatives in both the coastal and pelagic environments. Using cutting edge technology, we discover ways to more effectively manage and conserve these charismatic species. Your support plays an invaluable role in the future of the ocean and have a positive effect on all who care about healthy oceans, the marine life and people who depend upon them.

“A healthy ocean produces oxygen, regulates the global climate, provide critical habitat for countless plants and animals, thus it is the engine supports billions of people with food and jobs and shapes the cultural traditions and identities of communities around the world.”

Dr. James Sulikowski, Professor and Director Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES) Oregon State University @sulikowskilab
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Earthly's commitment to conservation

“We are excited and humbled by the work of Dr James and the team at ASU. Their expeditions are making real, measurable impacts on saving sharks and other marine species; and the work they do is at the core of furthering ocean conservation. Our collaboration with ASU and the Sulikowski Lab are enabling us to help make sustainable impacts on the planet and for our small pet company that is awesome!”

Andrew Morrison, CEO @ Earthly Pet
Earthly Team
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Why it matters

Sharks are a critical component of the healthy ocean ecosystems we all rely on.

Join us in supporting the Sulikowski Lab's work to protect these vital predators and make lasting impacts to our oceans.

0.7 degrees celcius Mean sea surface temperature rise due to global warming.

3+ billion People rely on ocean and costal biodiversity for their livelyhoods.

60% Ocean ecosystems degraded which support the world's populations.

~100 million sharks killed by commercial fisheries every year.

Save Sharks. Support Ocean Conservation.

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