Yak Chews

Try our new Yak Chews risk-free thanks to Earthly's 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Looking for an ultra long-lasting chew that's made from simple ingredients? Look no further than our new Yak Chews!

Top features:

  • Just 3 ingredients: Yak's Milk, Salt, Lime Juice
  • Virtually lactose free
  • No artificial chemicals, preservatives or fillers
  • 50%+ protein by weight

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Yak milk, lime juice, salt.


Crude Protein Min...52.6%
Crude Fat Min...0.9%
Crude Fiber Max...0%
Moisture Max...10.2%
Calorie Content... 3188 kcal/kg. ~105kcal per small chew, 226 per medium chew, 318 per large chew

Feeding & Safety

All dog chews present a risk for choking. Always monitor your dog and have plenty of fresh water available when feeding this or any chew.

Yak chews are hard and designed for dogs with healthy teeth. Please make sure they are appropriate for your dog, or consult with your vet with any questions

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